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Final Demonstration of the ICARUS project in an Urban Search and Rescue Scenario

On the 4th of September 2015, the final field trials of the robotic tools developed within the FP7 project ICARUS will take place on the training grounds of the Belgian First Aid and Support Team (ICARUS member B-FAST) in Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium. These field trials will showcase how the robotic tools developed by the ICARUS project partners can assist “human” search and rescue teams in the aftermath of a major disaster, such as an earthquake.

Multiple unmanned ground and aerial vehicles equipped with powerful sensors will be deployed in a simulated crisis management exercise. These unmanned vehicles will collaborate as a coordinated team, communicating via ad hoc cognitive radio networking. To ensure optimal human-robot collaboration, these vehicles will be seamlessly integrated into the command and control tools of the human crisis managers. A set of training and support tools will be demonstrated, facilitating the use of these unmanned tools by end users.

The presentations will be delivered in English.

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WP410 - Land Demo Public Day

On the 4th of September 2015:

  • 10h00–11h00 ICARUS Welcome presentation
  • 11h00–12h00 B-FAST Deployment and set-up
  • 12h00–13h00 SAR operations on a rubble field
  • 13h00–14h00 Networking lunch & visit of stands
  • 14h00–15h00 SAR operations on a school building
  • 15h00–16h00 SAR operations in a CBRN context